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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pincushions Galore

I have been working on several Pincushion designs for the past week.  I have approached a local retail store who takes on consignment homemade crafts of all kinds.  I have other crafts I have been working on and will add them to my blog in the next little while.  All of the pincushions are hand sewn and then glued together with a hot glue gun. 

This shows a variety of what I have designed.  All the pincushions are hand sewn and I also used a glue gun to attach all the Stampin Up ribbon and buttons.  The front three pincushions were made from small clay pots from the dollar store. 
The above pincushions I used cat food cans.  I wrapped Stampin Up ribbon around the tin and then attached a bow to the front.

The containers for this pincushion are souffle dishes from the local dollar store.  Once again I gathered the material with a long basting stitch, pulled tightly.  Then I put hot glue into the bowl and pushed the stuffed fabric ball into the bowl.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

2011/2012 Idea Book and Catalogue

Just around the corners, ladies is the new Idea Book and Catalogue for 2011/2012.  Remember June 1st, 2011 we will be able to preorder new products including the new catalogue.  The decisions will be hard to make but we will persevere like we do every year at this time.  I know I can hardly wait for my free copy of the Catalogue so let's have fun.

On another note, I have been quilting again, which has been very enjoyable.  I have been working on several projects at once, you know we need a variety at all times.  I am working on a  quilt for my granddaughter Addisyn for her 2nd birthday in June.  It is coming along pretty good.  Then I am working on a table runner, and two block of the month's, which will be lap quilts.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wow, I cannot believe how long ago it was that I posted anything on my blog!! I have had a few hiccups in my personal life which in turn made me neglect my blog.  I will try and add some new stuff in the next little while.